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100 Q Auto Tranny comments.

Hi Mike:

When I first bought the '93 100 CSQ, I took it back to the dealer to see
if the shift points were correct.  Especially frustrating for city
driving is that 3rd is lock up only.  The car's manual suggests that the
shifting pattern should take 3rd first through a slush mode, then
lock-up, before shifting to 4th (which is always lock-up).  The dealer
stated that everything was as it should be.  There is no 3rd gear slush
mode.  Any comments out there on this?

All the 100's that year came with auto.  My car was actually built sept,
'92.  It doesn't have the sport/economy switch (too bad).  Instead it
has 5 built in programs one of which it automatically selects based on
driving habits.  Unfortunately, I usually drive without massive
acceleration, so it selects one of the economy programs.  Not bad until
one wants to accelerate at a hwy on-ramp, or up a hill.   It's shifting
program will have you in 4th (3rd and 4th are lock-up converter) by 60
klicks - read: No acceleration!  Fortunately, the tranny shifter is
sawtooth, so you can over rule it manually without much fuss or stomp on
the gas for a downshift.  It's not Tiptronic, but it can be shifted by
feel alone.   For speeds below 60 km/h I drive with the tranny in "3" so
it doesn't shift up to 4th.  This also saves on tranny wear for city
driving.  I keep it in 3rd until my highway speed is up to my
satisfaction and I have merged into traffic.  Of course, with all the
STOP signs in Toronto, there are some neighbourhoods where I'll leave it
in 2nd (stop, go, stop, go, ignore stop, go, cop - stop, go...).  The
brake shops love the stop signs.

The car has only 73k kms on it with no tranny trouble.  There was a
manufacturer's bulletin on this car requiring replacement of the front
diff oil to synthetic gear oil.  Apparently the seal between the diff
and tranny can leak, mixing with ATF... if the diff oil is not
synthetic, major damage can result... so I was told.  Checked with
dealer, and he said my car was not listed for any recall's on this.  Is
this a recall item or voluntary???

Book value on the car you are looking at is $23k cdn in good cond.
$20k for 100k kms is reasonable.  Good Luck.


Tony K
Toronto, ON

Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 09:40:45 -0400
From: "Mike Hopton" <mike@genesis-microchip.on.ca>
Subject: Automatic Quattros

     What is the general consensus on the performance and reliability of
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