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Re: S Production

At 09:32 AM 7/23/97 -0400, George S Achorn III wrote:
>A friend of mine brought me current Audi literature. The A8 packet clearly
>depicted an S8. Since I can't read German I don't know if they were saying
>this is just a concept, but considering how much info was on it I doubt it.
>There are even some 18" Audi Sport rims offered as optional equipment (18"
>versions of those on the A4 Sport package). Standard trim is a 6-speed and
>17" Avus rims.

When I was in Italy last winter, I thought I saw an S8 go screaming by.  It
was hard to tell 'cause it was moving so fast.  But it was at least an A8
with S-badges on it's trunk lid.  I've also heard about changes to
suspension tuning on the S8s because of customer complaints...so it must be
a reality.

>He also gave me a booklet on the S6 plus (bad ass car). It has 4.2L V8 and
>six speed and is only available in RS2 Cobalt Blue or Bright Red I believe.

I saw one of these beauties as well.  It was parked on the street in
Courmayer, Italy.  I'd never seen anything like it before, an A6 Avant with
17" wheels, a 4.2L badge on the back, and a six speed manual tranny.
Definitely cool, but not the best Audi I saw there.  On the day after
Christmas, I walked out of the hotel to see a dream come true...a bright
blue RS2!  Those Porsche calipers look great!!

Damn I wish we could get Audis like those over here...

- Josh Pinkert
- flush@radix.net