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'97 A4Q Remote Alarm Reset ? (No Quattro Content)

In my infinite wisdom I decided to try to find out if I could activate
the alarm of my 97 A4Q with the keys in the ignition and the car still
running (yes, this may sound a bit silly, but on hot summer days it's
sometimes desirable to leave the AC running and the car alarmed while I
run into the store to get a gallon of milk or some such errand).   

Well, I attempted such a feat  on Tuesday (one set of keys in the
ignition, leave the car running, get out of car, use remote from other
set to activate the alarm), and ended up completely unsuccessful.  Worse
yet, both of my remotes have stopped functioning.  I'm guessing the
alarm has gone into some sort of 'safe' mode (i.e. what's this moron
trying to do?).  Of course the manual contains no information about
resetting the alarm.  The dealer says I must bring in both remotes to
have the system 'reprogrammed' - what a hassle.   

Does the Q list, in it's infinite collective knowledge, have a simple
answer to my dilemma?  I'm not above disconnecting the battery, but
perhaps there's some straight forward alarm reset procedure?

John Legelis