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Fw: Want To See a Jetta Tourer

On writing to the North American Super Touring info email address I go
thtis response. Maybe we should start lobbying. Later-G

> Thanks for your support. The best person to contact would be Rod
> Bymaster at Audi North America. His address is 3800 Hamelin Road, Auburn
> Hills, MI  48326. 
> I believe that Rod is on side and would like to participate in North
> America but there is a shortage of touring cars avaialable from Germany.
> Since the FIA announced that 4 wheel drive would not be able to compete
> after 1997 the cars currently available went to teams that we already
> competing. Obviously, Audi has to develop a new 2 wheel drive car for
> competition next year and into the future. That being said, lobbying
> never hurt and it would be good for Audi to be aware of the fact that
> the fans would like to see them out there on the track. 
> Regards, 
> Kathi Elliot