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The history of www.AudiCar.com

Hello everyone,

I have recently seen some rumblings on the list about our new webzine
for Audi enthusiasts, AudiCar.  I was not planning to post to the
list until after August 1st, our first official release date.  But
some recent posts compel me to write.

My name is Ricardo David and I have been lurking on this list for the
past 8 months ever since I got it in my head to sell my 5ks and buy
an A4 1.8T.  I love the Q-list, it has and will continue to be a
tremendous source of information for Audi enthusiasts who need their
daily Audi fix.  I have privately emailed Dan Simoes to let him know
that AudiCar is not an attempt to "drive the last nail" into the
Q-list's "coffin."  It is my intention to promote the Q-list on
AudiCar for those enthusiasts who crave even more information.  

AudiCar is the creation of Stephen Pitts, Bob Baque and myself.  I
first met Stephen shortly after the launch of EuroCarFinder in
February.  Those of you who have had the opportunity to meet Stephen
will instantly recognize his passion for Audis and his incredible
drive which resulted in the creation of EuroCarFinder and now
AudiCar.  (EuroCarFinder will disappear shortly) In the past 6 months
I have worked closer with Stephen than with anyone I have worked with
in the past. Indeed, now I consider Stephen and Bob not only a
business partners but true friends.

For the past five months I have done nothing but live, eat, and
breath AudiCar. I have never committed myself so intensely to a
project. The graphic design/html is the result of endless hours of
work and discussion.  But it is the work of the AudiCar team and NOT
the result of a lump sum of money dropped into the hands of web

In the end, I ask all of you, the Audi Internet Diehards, to judge
AudiCar based on its content and functionality. The graphical design
should be transparent if successful.  I welcome and indeed encourage
feedback, criticism or contributions.  There will never be any under
construction signs on our site. On the first of each month a new
"edition" with significant new content will appear. 

I apologize for wasting valuable Q-list space with my post and you
will not see AudiCar spam on this list.  

Ricardo David
managing editor