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Re: Auto Q Wagon

Hairy green toads from Mars made Rick H. Louie say:

> I am in the process of buying a wagon and was wanting a quattro wagon. 
> The only problem is that my wife wants an automatic.  That eliminates
> the '91 and older TQWs and possibly the 100CSQWs with the V6.  Does Audi
> make a automatic quattro wagon ( I think the A6 is available in an auto)
> and at what year was that option available?  I was hoping to buy used,
> since the price of new is out of my league, but maybe I need to consider
> a front drive.  Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.

In '92 - '94 or so, the Q wagons were *only* available with an
automatic. In '95, they got either. Befoer '92, it was stick only.
I may be off a year or so.

I just drove a '92 100CSQW with the V6, and it was a nice car.
Low miles, good condition, but questionable history and $$$ (21K).


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