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RE: My forthcoming U.K. trip

Just to confuse matters, there are 3 places called Bourne End near London - Ok 
Phil, I know I'm stretching things a bit but I've lived in Yorkshire for 
nearly thirty years and here any place south of Nottingham is counted as in 
the London area.
One is near Newport Pagnell (about 20 miles from your area K meeting Phil) but 
its not between London and Oxford so we can forget that one.
Another is just outside Hemel Hempsteadon the A4251, this could be said to be 
in the right place but according to my maps it looks to consist of about 5 
buildings, so forget that one too.
The third and biggest is between Maidenhead and Beaconsfield and is the one 
that Phil mentions.

I'm just being picky now so dont take it personal, Phil, but shouldnt you have 
said 'along the M40' ? I would have assumed that 'down' would be southeast 
towards London. :-)

>if I were going to either of them, I wouldn't start from there. 

You dont come from Yorkshire by any chance do you Phil? This is the classic 
sort of answer you get up here when you ask for directions :
Q "How do I get to Ogden?"
A "Aye, well, tha's startin from the wrong place son, tha should ha started 
from Leeds, tha would have no problem from yon place"

I hope no body from Yorkshire sees this - they have only just stopped calling 
me 'Yon new southern lad' in my parents village, and something like this might 
put back my chance of being included as a local to well into the next century. 

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro