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RE: Alternater ?'s....Again

What? I can check the alt output from the Climate Control panel? How?
Rob Winchell
91 200Q

On Wednesday, July 23, 1997 2:32 PM, SCOTT DOHERTY [SMTP:urcoupe@mail.stans.com] wrote:
> Can anyone with a 91 200 20v do me a huge favor?
> I've put in a new 115 amp alternator in my car within the last month.
> Last night coming home with lights, radio, A/C on the three lights on
> the dash came on again.  turned off the A/C and radio and drove home.
> Today went to see whats wrong with charging system and "no alt. brake
> and ABS" light on.  I turned on the lights and radio and couldn't get
> the alt light to come on again.  When I look at the alt output on the
> Climate Controll panel chanel 11, the volts are around 13.5, turn on
> radio.. 13.5, turn on radio and lights...12.3 - 12.5. turn off
> everything then turn on A/C....11.5 - 11.8.
> Could someone go out to thier car and see if this is the same for Them?
> Please E-Mail me privately... Sorry for the wasted BW
> Scott Doherty
> LRQC pres.
> 91 200 20v tq
> 88 5000 cs tq
> 87 4000 cs q
> 82 Ur Q someday soon..I hope