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'86 5ktq brakes

Based on my recent experiences with my '87 Coupe, I'd say the "drag" you
are experienced is due to having a blocked fluid return somewhere.  Mine
was in the MC.  High mileage, previous owner no change fluid.  Your case
may be at the proportioning valve at the rear.  I haven't messed with
this, but 5ktq bentley has a test procedure.  It requires some high
pressure guages.

Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 07:32:33 =0700
From: mjs <info4mjs@snet.net>


i've been taking my winter car out recently and have noticed the

my 86 5ktq's brake system is acting up.  first of all, it FAILS the bomb
test but i'm trying to determine if anything else is bad.  when the car
is cool, the brake system works fine except for the fact that the power
assist dwindles after turning the car off.  when the car gets hot,
typically after baking in the sun all day, the amount of brake pedal play
seems to increase before any braking action commences.  after moving
through this "dead zone" the brakes work, except that the rear brakes
begin to drag.  the more time that goes by, the more the rear brakes seem
to drag (with no input from the driver).

i've run the system with the ABS on and off and have had similar results.
i know that i need the pressure accumulator, but could anything else be
bad, too?

thanks in advance for any input.