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Re: 4 rings decal

Robert Singer wrote:
> This doesn't pertain to methods for eking out the last foot-pound of
> energy out a Quattro, but rather to something purely cosmetic (yes, I'm
> ashamed).
> I'm thinking that the four ring logo would look good on the door panels
> of my 5KTQ; I recently saw these on a 100, darn sporty lookin'. Anyone
> know who markets these? I saw them described somewhere...no clue where,
> now. Thanks.
Check out http://www.pcisys.net/~rlouie/~coupe.htm .  Sean does some
pretty nice work.  The dealers want $83 per side, Linda at Carlsen will
sell the to you with q discount for $62 each side and Sean at McLane
wants $55 for the fading rings for both sides(cheaper for the solid
rings).  His e-mail address is McLaneAG@aol.com .  I had him do a Coupe
GT windshield decal a little while back.  

Other than that your only other option is AM Car in the UK, which will
run you about $80 for the pair, plus shipping.

Rick H. Louie