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Re: Security

> The car is fitted with a top grade alarm (UK Thatcham Cat 1, as required
> by UK insurers for high value cars) and is anti-scan etc.  It appears
> that they got into the car with a key. There is no damage whatsoever
> (thankfully).   Are Audi locks that bad (or is their key that good)?
Well, it's the same lock as millions of VW's and I have owned several
vw's that the keys worked eachother. Coincidentally, on Monday I had
just had spare keys made for the "Beast" (the '91 200 peal white tq that
we just got) and I checked all my other keys in it. None from the '84 4k
or '86 4kq worked. I didn't get the valet key with the 200, so I was
hoping one of my old keys might do the job. Anyway, imagine a theif with
a big ring of VW keys or very talented with lock picks. We have the
untalented type around here. They just smash the window.