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'91 200 tq from CAp Nissan

>  > time. Had to wait for someone else to get out of it.
> That was me (with the big grin on my face)! Hope I didn't make you wait
> too long (slight traffic jam in SF - Just Kidding!). Was that you with
> your wife (and a child)?

Yes, little Rhiannon rides in her car seat in the back of that 200tq
now. My wife wanted a safer car than her '84 4k to drive. Looking in a
copy of Jack Gillis' book for 1991 model years the 200 tops the list in
the intermediate class for safety. (Beat out 2 Volvo models.) 

>  > Have a good one,
>  > Wolff
>  > 91 200tq
>  > 86 4000q
>  > 84 4000