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Re: Fastest Wagon

In a message dated 97-07-23 19:02:23 EDT, you write:

<< A stock M5 wagon turned low sixes and your Volvo stock numbers are just
 plain wrong.  Mid 7's maybe, mid 6's,  no way.  The S6 is still
 available in Canada, as is the S6 and S6 Plus elsewhere in the overseas
 market.  The S8 has wide distrubution (if you can afford it) and is as
 widely available as M5's were here in th early 90's.
 You need to check your facts and stop posting nonsense.  You, like
 others in the past, have come on to the list like gangbusters (posting 5
 times a day) and most people laugh at you.  Think about what you're
 saying and don't respond to every post.  The AOL address does not help
 your credibility either.  If you pay attention, you will notice that
 almost all persons with "Audi" or Quattro" in their e-mail moniker >>

Sorry to upset you, Todd, but I have been on the list for some time now, in
fact as soon as I found out about it I joined.  As for your comments, i truly
find them immature.  I have come to the list to share knowledge, both by
giving and by gaining.  I make no numbers up, I merely post what is in my
memory.  That is wrong at times, I will admit, but I do know a lot about
cars, a lot more than many people.  There are many on the list who know a lot
more than me.  They correct me, usually at least once a week!  The S6 is no
longer available because the new A6 just came out.  Get your own facts
straight.  The S8 is a brand new model, which has arrived just recently.
 Last I knew, there was one.  I was wrong.   My father owns an M5.  I
remember BMW posting 6.4 to 60 on the Gen2 M5.  That is not low 6's.  The
wagon is slower, although not much.  The BMW also had 100 hp more than both
the Audi and the Volvo, though.  And rear wheel drive, which is better in
accleration than the Volvo''s front drive system.   Widely available?  Do you
have any clue as to how many M5's were made?  Not a whole lot.  And the Gen 2
cars went the way of the 928...they were pulled from US shores do to lack of
sales.  Again, if my memory serves me, in 92 or 93, the last year, they sold
no more than 200 M5's.   Plus you are talking apples and oranges, as the M5
touring was never offered in the US, which is what the discussion was about.
  Please, do not lecture me about getting my facts straight, and I have not
come to the list as a gangbuster as you most eliquently stated.  And my car
is faster than yours, so there.  
BTW, my screen name is in reference to my liscence plate....RI plate KWATRO.
 Get over it.

Carter J