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Re: My headlight switch is HOT again. Is 3.4A normal for parking lights?


John wrote:
> Can someone verify that my headlight switch is bad?
> I have an 85 4000SQ, and am getting 3.2A through my left parking lights
> (2 bulbs in back, one in front I think) and 3.4A through my right parking
> lights.  The dash lights are < 2A.  All this is supplied by one hot wire,
> which seems to be where the heat is coming from.

My headlights (110 W lows, 400 W highs) are completely relayed, and my
switch still gets hot. I don't know if that makes yours "good" or "bad,"
but it's another data point; '87 4kq.

> I re-wrapped my wires in the trunk hinge to be sure they aren't shorting,
> but the headlight switch is still getting hot.

Re-wrapping is an OK idea, but they probably need to be re-placed. BTDT
x4 '80s Audis.

> Are these normal Amp readings for the parking lights?  If so, am I
> probably right that the headlight switch melted inside and therefore
> has a bad connection which is overheating?

Dunno about the "euro" number, but a two-filament 1157 draws ~2.5 amps
through _both_ filaments. Your 3.X A sounds about right to me for three