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The alarm system fitted to the S4 is a third-party Cat. 1 alarm and
unlocking the door by key gives less than 5 seconds to operate a
'bypass' which is a coded 5mm stereo jack plug (headphone plug) that
needs to be inserted and removed from the hidden socket.  This is to
allow the owner to enter should the remote battery be dead. My alarm
would have been sounding but who pays any attention to these nowadays?

In the Range Rover, I had two internal piezo sirens in parallel with the
main siren. Although I've never tested it, I would expect the little
b*st*rds ears to start bleeding before they had the opportunity to
remove the stereo head unit.

Anyone had any experience of 'smoke-cloak' devices and how easy would it
be to substitute cyanide? :-)

The Saudi Arabians have the right idea when it comes to punishment for