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Re: Rear tailight assembly removal?

Hussey, Dan wrote:
> Hey gang,
> It has been 4 or 5 months since I got my new license plate and I think
> it is about time I put it on my car before I get a ticket.  Anyways, I
> have to remove the rear tailight assemly on my car to put on the plate
> since the plastic tabs behind it broke (hence whey I haven't done it).
> Can anyone shed some light as how to remove the rear tailight assembly
> on my 5000CSTQ?  Looking at it and from inside the trunk I don't see any
> screws or bolts holding it on!  I've looked in the Bentley manual and it
> doesn't say anything on how to remove it as well.  Thanks.
> Later,
> Dan


Remove the black plastic covers that hide bulb holders inside trunk
lid.  Use an 8mm nutdriver to remove 4 nuts, 2 on each side.  There are
flat washers as well.  Pull lens assy out from rear-one piece.  It may
take some effort, as sealing compound is around light openings.  Very

Good luck!

Jeremy Walters
San Ramon, CA