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RDH's legacy- UrQ AC Meltdown

I have reread a great deal of RDH's posts on the UrQ, but the
search engine being what it is I don't have the rest of my life
to search through all the old digests. There was a lot of
information being shared back then on UrQ's. Technical stuff
that we're not getting into now. Did anyone ever pinpoint the
source of meltdown of the auxilliary relay panel w/ regards to
the AC radiator fan relay. My fan doesn't come on with the
AC. I have meltdown. The only wiring diagram is from a 1980
4000 out of the Haynes book. Bentley doesn't have it, neither
do the official diagrams Steve B. kindly sent me. What
should I be looking for here? This system seems to me to be
the most bizzare wiring job I have ever seen. I wouldn't be
surprised to find the AC rad. fan relay tied to the rear wiper.
Anyone out there with an early UrQ solved the AC meltdown
problem? Thanks.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.