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Re: Weird 87 5000 Quattro, ID help?

To fire the final volley of the 5000q&a (sorry) I believe the 5000Sq is a
real model. There are those who doubt the existence of my 5000CSt with
5-spd, but no quattro, and my next-door neighbor has an '87 5000CS,
notnoqer. Gold. Alcantara interior. 4-lug Ronals, and the aero lights (not
the tq version w/city lights- they have a different hood. What, pray tell,
was that car? I have the "Audi 5000 Series for 1987" catalog and the only
one of the cars I've seen above which is listed is my own.

So, did EPA regs change in the last few years, keeping Audi from doing
this overwhelming model-mixup anymore? The last one, I have not seen
personally. Co-worker says they used to own an '86 5000S Turbo Avant. No
Q! Automatic. I'm not senile am I? They didn't build those!?