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Stop the burning

Having torched Phil's GT, the Audi gods have directed their aim
at Big Sky country and scored a direct hit on the Montana brother's
87 5kcstqw. Fortunately, he managed a partial recovery. The
sad tale follows:

>On my way home last night, the radiator cooling fan in the wagon froze-up, 
>shorted-out and caused the engine to overheat.  Got the silly thing home 
>just as the temp guage pegged "really hot".  Thinking that the shorted 
>fan would have tripped a fuse or a relay, I got coolant back in the radiator 
>and left it sit.
>When I got back to it after dinner, smoke was pouring out of the engine bay.
>Knowing I had to tear the back seat out quickly to unhook the battery, I
>only had time to throw cold water in the direction of the smoke until I
>could unhook the battery.  With things under control, an initial assess-
>ment is that the wiring harness controlling the fan, ballast resistor,
>etc had fused itself to the frame.  I can't believe there isn't any 
>protection for that circuit!!!  That 86 parts car is going to save my [bleep]
>on this one, as I'll need a big chunk of the wiring harnesses as they 
>are identical.

If any of you are presently in denial about that noisy fan motor, now may
be a prudent time to make a suitable offering.

DeWitt Harrison    de@aztek-eng.com
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq