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Radar Detectors

Paul Kruse wrote:
>2) I'm looking for the best COORDLESS radar detector I can find.  Any
>   suggestions?

Yeah - don't get one.  I've experienced quite a few radar detectors, often
having the highest-end ones available (way back when that meant Bell
VectorIII, since it was the first Ka-band detector.)  After lots of use,
chat, and study, I believe there are three kinds of radar detectors:

1) Cordless - they don't seem to even WORK much of the time

2) Corded mass-market (Cincinatti, Bell, Whistler, Uniden) - they work, but
have two modes: Lots of falses, or insufficient warning

3) Valentine.  It works, it works good, it tells you from where, and it
costs twice as much.

I got a ticket a while ago that caused me to finally plunk up for the
Valentine.  The ticket face-price was $120.  Fighting it (which was
successful) was $300.  Losing would have cost the $120 plus perhaps another
$200/year for three years in increased insurance costs.

The Valentine cost less than two tickets worth.

	Tony McNamara
	Development Manager, Applications Group