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Re: Lube for power antenna?

In a message dated 97-07-24 13:21:25 EDT, quk@sievers.com (Phil Payne)

<< >   Does anybody have any suggestions on what to use to
 > lubricate the power antenna?
 Audi dealers in Germany have little sachets of special grease - looks for
 the world like a condom.  You even get jokes about not mixing them up in the

 dark when they give them to you. >>

The "Official" factory recommended maintenance is a good cleaning, then
finish off with chrome polish, buffed and dried.  The Hirschmann (antenna)
folks provide the little sachets, which I believe are some sort of dry-film
lubricant.  I have also had good results from a _very_ light coat of hard
paste wax, buffed to a completely dry finish, making sure no clots of wax get
sucked down the hole.  In either case, don't power down the antenna before
buffing it dry.  This is a routine and recurring maintenance issue, more
frequently required during winter when road slop dries on the antenna and
then is ingested when the radio is powered off.  I find that it's a good
habit to leave the radio playing and give the antenna a dry wipe-down when I
gas up the car.  You've got time to kill anyway.

What you don't want to do is use any kind of oily lubricant.  Over time, it
gums things up "down below."  I have seen the well-meaning use WD-40
(probably because it is so good at a number of other tasks) do more harm than
good. For ages afterward you find all manner of fuzzy debris on the mast.