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Re: Door sensor on '88 Quattro 90

Kris Collins <Kristopher.Collins@Colorado.EDU> said, in part:

     Anyway, I have a problem with my 'door ajar' alert - it beeps 
     constantly! Whether the door is open or shut makes no difference, 
     it just beeps away..I know it is the door, because sometimes I 
     can slam it a few times and get it to stop for a little while.
Other sources of beeping are lights, radio, and steering not aligned 
sufficiently for the steering lock to work.
     I looked at the door and saw no 'plunger' like other cars use to 
     determine the state of the door...  So whats the deal? As you can 
     probably tell, I am fairly new to electronics in cars - I've
     only owned a '52 Chevy Pickup and a '82 Buick Regal..
Definitely has a plunger switch.  Its in the "B" pillar.  Should be 
covered with a black rubber bootie.  If its broken off, it can usually 
be fixed from the outside with a screwdriver and new switch.  If it 
has fallen into the pillar, or the connection has, then you _may_ have 
to remove the interior trim. Its also possible to clean and repair a 
switch with a bad contact.  BTDT.  But that's another description.
     Anyway, I want to disconnect the door sensor if possible, because 
     I know it would be a big pain in the butt to actually FIX this 
     problem..  If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.

Can't comment on that; haven't investigated that all the wiring that 
leads to the beeper control.  But it is to be hoped that you don't 
have to go that far to fix the problem. 

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