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rare audis


	I am a new member to the list (I bet they all say that).  My dad drives an N 
reg. A6 2.5 TDI (115bhp)  version-not a proper Audi.  I drive a Peugeot 205.  
Audis are a bit expensive for me to run at the moment, however, that doesn't 
stop me loving cars and more recently having a bit of a fascination with 

	My neighbour has just bought a new Audi, which he claims I will not have 
heard of.  I was trying to fit the few clues he gave me to what it might be 
and I was wondering if anyone on the list might have anymore ideas because I 
am determined to outsmart him- and no I can't just go and look in his drive 
because he's away at the moment!  Apparently it is very rare- only 40 or 50 
around.  He's buying it to replace his BMW 735, however, he thought it was so 
special that he has bought his wife one as well- to replace her 200q!  I was 
thinking along the lines of an RS2 (he used to drive an old 911).  Is there 
anything else anyone can think of that fits this vague description.  Expected 
price range- 10-30 k, but if he was particularly impressed, it could be more. 
He appreciates good engineering- but doesn't that just go un said if he's 
buying an Audi!  
	Cheers, I am grateful for anyone's ideas on this rather vague description.

p.s. don't bother with the web site yet, it is still under construction.

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