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Re: Weird 87 5000 Quattro, ID help?

>To fire the final volley of the 5000q&a (sorry) I believe the 5000Sq is a
>real model. There are those who doubt the existence of my 5000CSt with
>5-spd, but no quattro, and my next-door neighbor has an '87 5000CS,
>notnoqer. Gold. Alcantara interior. 4-lug Ronals, and the aero lights (not
>the tq version w/city lights- they have a different hood. What, pray tell,
>was that car? I have the "Audi 5000 Series for 1987" catalog and the only
>one of the cars I've seen above which is listed is my own.


One more volley... I took a look at the original window sticker from my 87
5000S Quattro.  The model number is 4436H5, port of entry - San Francisco.
I don't know if this is of interest, but I thought I'd pass it along given
the dialogue.