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Re: 89 100 alternator or a/c fan problem

On Sun, 20 Jul 1997 17:58:34 -0700, Igor Kessel wrote:
> [ ... }
>Yesterday - same thing. A/C does not let the alt charge the batt.
>Now a question -- did anyone try to run a smaller dia. pulley on a Bosch alt?
>Results? If positive - what was the source of the smaller pulley?

The 3rd Bosch rebuilt (now dead) was installed with a smaller pulley
courtesy of the rebuilder (rebuilts 1, 2 and now 4 were supposedly
rebuilt by Bosch). This made no difference in voltage output which was
13.5 cold and which faded away to battery discharge voltage when hot.
OTOH, the smaller pulley may have lead to the ultimate failure of the
alternator due to increased rotor rpm. A rotor wire was actually
ripped away by the centripetal force causing an electrical open.

DeWitt Harrison    de@aztek-eng
Boulder, CO
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