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Re: ?

Is Unka Bart around?  May I borrow one of your (Unka Bart's) clues for this
'gentleman' who seems to have a bad case of the pot calling the kettle black,
except in this case, the kettle ain't particularly black.

> This is exactly the kind of pissy  spam we WILL NOT see on the mag.

> Later, Pain.


I suggest you read a whole lot more of Phil's posts from the past and
see where he is coming from before you get so upset.  In case you
didn't know, he pays _by the minute_ for his _local_ phone calls
and such SPAM costs him money.  Phil is also a well known and
valuable contributor to the list with a distinct sense of humour.
Those not of British upbringing should not jump to conclusions
about what Phil and other friends from the other side of the pond
say... indeed this is true for any post on the list due to its
international nature.