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RE: 15" Pirelli UHP sale at tire rack!

Personally I would not call the p700s an ultra high performance tire.  It is 
about a 15 year old design ultra high performance tire.  Now it would be a 
high performance tire.  Their main advantage is that they weight very little 
and are cheap.  One of the main problems with that particular tire is it being 
out of round.  If you have problems watch it on the balancer and make sure 
they are round. Good price though.

I just ordered some tires from the Tire Rack for my new (to me) 15 inch rims.
 I ended up choosing Pirelli P700Z 195-50-15's, which were on sale for 59$ a
piece!  These are ultra high performance tires, so I think it's a great deal,
if anyone else is interested.  Hard to pass this deal up if you are in the
market for 15 inchers....

Carter J