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4KQ adjustable sys & cage?

I am looking to build an adjustable suspension for a RR 4KQ.
I want to find some adjustable spring perches that will allow
me to both adjust the ride height and also to allow the use
of off-the-shelf springs so that I can try experimenting with
different spring rates at reasonable cost and with a wide
selection of springs. I do not want complete strut assys
because I want to be able to use the existing adjustable
Konis. I also want to install adjustable anti-roll bars.

Does anyone know of a source for adjustable spring
perches for the 4KQ that can also accept 'standard'
race coil-over springs?

Other alternatives?

Also a source for adjustable bars?

Also, I am looking for a source for a roll-cage or kit for the 4KQ.

Also, does anyone know if IA (Ned Ritchie) has an email address?


Please respond directly to: gpowell@acacianet.com