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Re: WANTED: source for ABT grill for 91 200q!!

Sargent E. Schutt wrote:
> I'm looking for the ABT grill with the chrome instert that makes the 91
> 200q look more like the V8 front.
> If anyone has one or has access to one, either in the US or across the
> pond I'd really appreciate it! Otherwise a good source or phone #??

1. Abt-Frontgrill
mit Chrom	447 800 117C
Montage		447 800 24

2. Abt-Frontgrill
ohne Chrom	447 800 117
Montage		447 800 24
Lackierung	447 800 34

This grill does look awesome (I am looking at a Pearl 200 20v Avant picture in the 
Abt catalogue).

Several years ago I was tempted to buy it, but item 1. was $850 and item 2. was $700
without the hardware (Montage) from JT Automotive. Ouch! couldn't see spending this 
much dough on cosmetics alone. Now, should I ever lose the original grill due to 
some unfortunate circumstances...(hell, I better not tempt Audi Gods. Phil's example 
is still fresh in the memory;-)

JT Automotive: 818-573-8036

Abt Sportsline GMBH: 
Daimlerstrasse 2, 87437 Kempten, Telefon (0831)5 71 40, Telefax (0831)7 26 66,
8960 Kempten, Telefon (0831)7 20 01

BTW, congratulations, Sarge, on making it to the pages of EC. Although I thought it 
was either '89 or a '90 (don't see the side fender blinkers and the fenders don't 
appear to be flared). Mine is the identical Tornado Red, along with the same 
european headlights, except mine has tinted windows and 16" MOMO Ferraris. 
I am looking forward to seeing a detaled article in the next issue. It should be in 
the next one, shouldn't it? Alfa was the subject of the first one and I think they 
intend to print them alphabetically.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'97 A4TQ - on the boat
Philadelphia, PA