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Re: Boston area listers: Dyno Run Sat, everyone come!

Hey everyone, come out to HMS on Sat, July 26 (tomorrow)  There will be some
cool cars and cool people, and it is really a neat experience.  Fun and lots
of noise ensured.  Hope some of you can make it (Ian, Sean...) I's like to
see some of the other listers!  Talk to you soon, directions are as follows
128N (from Boston) to 114E (Salem, Marblehead exit)  Stay on 114, it makes
many turns.  When you pass sign for Entering Marblehead, 1st left it West
Shore Dr.  make left, go 1 3/4 miles,  passing a cemetery on the left,  go up
a little hill and there will be a body shop on the right,  Winslow Autobody.
Turn right here, HMS is in the back a bit to the left.  Hard to miss.

Hope to see some Audis there!

Carter J