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A4 ecru leather seats

Took my '97 A4 in for its 7500 mile oil change / checkup yesterday at my
local dealer (Precision Audi - Roanoke, VA).

I only had 2 complaints to tell the dealer about:

1.  Light out of the #5 program button on the radio

2.  My ecru leather seats are showing wear on the bottom back section where
driver & passenger sit.  The passenger side is showing a lot and the
driver's side much more.  The wear is in the form of what looks to be a red
tint.  The dealer at first thought it was something on the leather but
later agreed with me that it seems to be the color of the leather
underneath the ecru showing through.

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this type of wear happening to
their seats.

I am very satisfied with the dealer's response (which is not even the
dealer I purchased the car from).  After trying at first to clean the seat
they have decided replacement is probably the only option.  They said they
would give me a call next week when they found out more.  They also ordered
a new radio.  All of this with me saying a word and with the attitude that
they will do anything to make a customer happy!  Just shows you that there
are some excellent Audi dealers out there.