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Speedo problem on Coupe GT

hey all, can you tell that i have plenty of time today?  Well, i just 
fixed the stereo, i went to radio shack and now i have music...thank 
god...now i dont have to listen to the wind coming from the sunroof 
anymore....still dont know how to get that to latch tight, i even tried 
adjusting the pins and everything, but that is for a different letter.

The problem now is that the speedo performance is degrading.  When i go 
from a stop it takes a while before the speedo starts working.  And at 
about 20 mph and under, it is very bouncy.,  I checked the connection 
behind the dash, and it is in there securely.  there are two things i can 
think of, that the gear in the tranny is going..but i dont think so as 
the odometer is always still running.  So i am thinking that the gear for 
the speedo itself is on its way out.  I dont have any idea other than 
these two possibilities that it could be.  I am assuming that the latter 
is cheaper as it would not involve the tranny.  So, any of you out there 
in Audiland know any advice or if it is in the tranny, or if it is the 
gear, what i can do to help, and how much that helpo will cost me...as i 
am still very young in my training of servicing Audis, and as yet do not 
havethe bently...i cant afford it....(but you know, if you all want to 
pitch in and help me buy a bently for my car, i wouldnt object..hehe j/k 
:)) So, what can i do...i am done rambling...later all...and thanks for 
all of the help that i have gotten today so far.

TIA (again...)

Michael Sheridan Williams
1985 Coupe GT
163,000+ miles