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RE: Headlight covers, Griot's or Stongard???

>>I've seen Lexan covers that mount in front of the lights.
>>I bet these are far more effective and would have no
>>negative effect on temps or bulb life. I don't know where
>>to get them or the price.

>Yep, Colin Barfoot had some at Mt. Washington..he got 'em from an
>Australian Outfit...
>the Outback's a little rough don't ya know...Colin, you out here..anybody
>else able to source these?

Pauls right, they are a common item over here. They do work, but there are
a couple of points to consider.

They are a pain to clean. Because the are not in contact with the
headlight, road grime builds up on the inside. So you have top remove them
to clean. On top of this the exterior surface gets sandblasted pretty
quickly, reducing the light transmitted, this can become signifigant given
that perspex only transmits something like 80% when new.

They generally only stop one potentially headlight breaking rock, after
which your cover is probably in several pieces or at least badly cracked &
in need of replacement. Of course they only come in pairs-, anyone want to
buy my collection of mismatched pairs?

They can be a source of noise.

They can rub against the surrounding bodywork, damaging the paint

Not exactly cheap. $20 might get a crappy set for a common car, more like
$70+ if you found the right set for your Audi.

All in all I reckon that they are a poor solution & the general population
seem to agree, they are nowhere near as common now as 10 years ago. That
being said, if someone stills wants a set, I'll see what I can find


John Firkins