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87 CGT question?

Hello all,
I have a couple of questions for you.
Any response would be appreciated.
I have found an '87 CGT for sale for $3200.
I am going to go look at it later this week.
The question I have is did this car come with the 2.3L??
If so, is it 130Bhp?
also, was the '87 the commemorative edition or was this 
only select cars? Was the digital dash in this car??
It has 110K miles on it, I know the 5-cylinders are pretty 
much bullet proof. (had 3) (still have 2).
Does this car have any performance advantage over an '84?
Different gear ratios?
Sorry for the bandwith....
Rich Andrews
'83 5000T (gone, never should have sold it)
'84 5000S 
'84 CGT