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Rear brake callipers

Hi all,

I am currently trying to get my rear brake callipers to work on my 
88 Q90(non 20V edition :( ).

The parking brake cables and the rear callipers were frozen.
have been so since I bought them a year ago.
I took them to a mechanic last week and working w/ him we were
able to get the cable to work (just needed some exercising and
some rust cleanser). However the callipers are still partially
frozen i.e. when I pull the Ebrake, it works but when I release
the brake the callipers stay in their brake position. I need to manually
get under the car and lightly hammer them back into their at-ease
position. The mechanic said I should continue exercizing my callipers
in this fashion and maybe they might start operating normally.
My question is:
Is this advisable or should I just have the callipers replaced ?
What controls the release mechanism ? Is it the calliper itself or
some springs ?

Thanx for your help,

P.S. A friend of mine backed into my car last night :=(
	  Anybody know of a good auto-body shop around NH/MA/ME ?
Email: mdholaki@BayNetworks.com (x 61261)
Phone: (508) 916 1261