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Re: Headlight covers, Griot's or Stongard???

Headlight covers do exsist. I wasn;t REALLY paying attention to what car
started the thread, but I KNOW they exsist for the 4kcsq/4kcs 85-87. They
are made by GTS (you know, the makers of those fine black out kits for
Mustangs). If you get ahold fo their full-line catalog, they do make a nice
selection for the Audi line up. The 4k covers were nice. had a nice
"bubble" shape to them and they snaped right into place. The actual "fit
wasn;t that great (they overlaped onto the fender a little as they wraped
around), but they are resonably priced and a little triming could fix the

They are availablr for the following cars (as taken from the 1997 GTS

4000 85-87          #GT0515
5000 84-85          #GT0500
5000s/cs 86-87    #GT0501
80/90 88-on         #GT0449
Quattro 86           #GT0516
Quattro 87-88      #GT0501

 What they mean by "quattro" in those last 2 applications is WAY above me.
Also, any of the above application is available in clear (add "C" to the
end of the part #), smoked (add "S" to the end of the part #) or
"Carbon-look" (add "X" to the end of the part #). Suggested retail is
$59.07 for clear and smoke and $65 for "Carbon-Look".	

Laters, Ben
Thornton, CO
83' UrQ #346 PT2B
87' 4KCSQ
89' 200Q