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20v ur-q gearbox

In message <7713591411071997/A30248/CSAV10/11B75BBB0B00*@MHS.minedu.govt.nz> Dave Eaton writes:

> while you're at it, can you see any changes in part # for the wr front
> suspension vs the rr setup?  i'm trying to find out when the cast wishbones
> were included at the front.  i understand that there were geometry changes
> between the mb and rr..

There were two changes in the front wishbone part number.

To chassis 85-C-902000 there is no left/right option - part number is
857 407 153B and the number required is 2.

>From 85-D-900001 to 85-K-020000 the left front and right front have
different numbers - 893 407 147C and 893 407 148C - one of each.

>From 85-J-000001 onwards, they're 857 407 147B and 857 407 148B.

I don't think the geometry changed, because none of the setup values
changed for the 20V.  The subframe is the same, for instance.

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