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'86 TQC A/C compressor parts

Does anybody know of a source for A/C compressor components ?

I've got a Climate Control Inc (part of York Automotive ??) A/C compressor 
in my '86 Quattro Coupe, which is pretty sick (the compressor, not the car).
Having taken it apart I've found cracked valves inside. They're made out of
very thin sheet metal, and flex to allow gas/liquid in and out. I guess the
cracks are due to fatigue.

Details on the compressor are :-

No. E(orB)S 00098456
Pt 035-260-803C

(The 06-92 makes me think it's been replaced in the past (I'm the second owner))

I think it's the same compressor on the 80, 90, and Coupe of the time.

Here in Bahrain (in the Persian Gulf), temperatures are currently about 100
degress Fahrenheit in the shade, so the A/C is (was) constantly in use.

The local agent wants silly money for a new compressor, and I reckon that
for much less I can repair it.

Anybody any ideas on a source of parts ??


Mike Roche
Silver Grey '86 TQC 
Chassis No. WAUZZZ85ZGA901075
Engine No. WX 000 883