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'89 200 heater box removal.

Hello, listers!

There are two projects left to be done with the 200, before the new queen arrives and
demands the undevided attention.

One of them is a repair of a chirping heater fan.
The subject has been extensively  described in the posts of STEADIRIC and others, 
I have them saved.

Several questions:

1. When the fan starts chirping, what's going on in there: a dried out bearing, which
may be replaced cheaply or the squirell cage starts hitting the surroundings?
In other words, can I get away without buying the whole motor+fan for some $120?

2. How reliable the heater cores are on 44 chassis Audis? I am unlikely to hack the box
with a steak knife, so I'll be pulling the whole heaterbox out of the car. By that time
I'll have the heater core disconnected and the coolant drained. Would it be a good idea
to replace the heater core at that point as a preventive measure? It's another $120 to
be spent.

3. I am seriously thinking about switching to the high boiling point MECA coolant.
I know, I know, I talked with Cris Sanborn about his fire. I searched the archives, it
appears that only Jeff G. (AudiDudi) ever tried it. Any good impressions, Jeff?
The idea of running the coolant sys a 0 pressure is very appealing to me.
Does anyone have numbers on the Ethylen Glycol (regular antyfreeze) and Propylen Glycol's 
(MECA) flash points?

Thanks for any feedback.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'97 A4TQ - on the dealer's lot
Philadelphia, PA