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Re: V8Q Parts Source?-Impex Foreign Auto Parts

Call John Simick, Impex Foreign Auto Parts 1-800-736-3550,
jsimick@erols.com.  You can mention that I recommended the company.  I
just made a sizable purchase for my V8.  His prices were excellent and
shipped on time.  Example, timing belt $42.33 and it is an original
Continental.  He has most if not all the items you listed. He's not
listed in the Q-List, but should be.  
Roland Broberg

Cobram wrote:
> Well, it's well past the timing belt interval on the V8Q, plus
> I want to take care of a few other "little" things.  The
> wholesale parts supplier I've been dealing with since I got
> the car no longer "buys direct" from Germany,  SO, I've been
> forced to the dealer, since I can't find anyone else with
> parts.  I gave one or two places listed in the Quattro Archives
> a call, and neither has even bothered to call me back. One was
> German Parts and Resoration, who told me they hadn't had time to
> look it up (one week, boy they ARE busy).
> Cobram@Channel1.Com

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