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"Top Gear"/Audi Drawing

Hi again all!

I just picked up the July issue of "Top Gear" magazine and was surprised
to see a drawing to win a free trip down under to the Bathrust 1000
Touring Car race in Australia on pages 140 and 141 (yes the upside down

All you have to do is answer these questions on their entry :

1. Audi Quattros won at Pikes Peak three times during the 1980's.  What
sort of event is it and in which American state is it held each year?

2. Frank Biela is the current British Touring Car champion but which
other national touring car titles has he also won while driving for Audi
works teams?

3. Michele Mouton was a works Audi quattro rally driver.  What world
championship events did she win in 1982 - her best season for the team?

4. The A4 quattro carries a weight penalty in Super Touring because of
its four-wheel-drive.  How did Audi Sport UK jokingly remind rivals of
that fact this season?

5. Last year Audi contested seven Super Touring championships in three
different continents - and won all of them.  Tell us what countries they
were in.

TIE BREAKER All you have to do is write us a four line poem including
the words 'quattro', 'Oz', 'tinnie', and 'Biela'.  The poem the editor
thinks is funniest takes the prize.

Well naturally, I was all ready go ripping through answering all these
questions, until I read two things on the bottom which put a damper on
my spirits, so to speak.  It turns out some of that small print, which
most people don't read says, you have to be a UK resident, AND this
entry is due back by July 31. =(  Oh well....I guess one of our UK
listers could get lucky and win this.  Of course, you all probably know
about this already, don't you?  It was entertaining to satisfy my
pathetic ego and answer all of the questions anyway...


-mark nelson
mailto: markn@brls.com

'90 s2 (building for pro rally)
'86 4kcsq
'85 4kcsq
'88 mazda 323 GTX

past q's: '87 5ktq, '87 5ktqw

BTW I obviously have no affiliation with this drawing, otherwise I
wouldn't have been filling it out and getting all psyched up for a trip
to Australia, would I? =))