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4kcsq wheel bearings, part2

Hi guys,
This is one of those never ending sagas... about 2 weeks ago I wrote
about my "wheel bearing" problem: when the car was going straight or
left, there was a humming sound, when going right, it disapeared. I
thought (and so did many of you) that the right front bearing must be
bad. Well, I took it out last week, and it did have some slop to it, and
the shop pressed in a new one (this only cost $25, labor and part!). I
was certain this would solve the problem, but noooo, the noise is still
Now, here's where I need your help: if we think it's still a bearing, is
it the right rear, or the front left (hell, let's not forget the rear
left). My money's on the rear right, but my dad, who's got more
experience "enjoying" Audi's, put his money on the front left, so we
yanked that one off, and it'll be in the shop tomorrow (it by the way,
seemed fine when we took it off).  =( 
Anyone have any clues or suggestions? The moneys no big deal, but I'd
rather be getting the thing registered than playing with parts that
aren't broken... Could it be something else? If so, what?!?!

Thanks y'all
86 & 87 4kcsq
I'll be parting out the dark gray/ maroon leather 86 4kcsq soon, if you
have a request let me know.