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RE: quattro-digest V4 #964

Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 15:59:48 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Tom Nas <tnas@euronet.nl>
Subject: Audi brochures etc.

Hi all,

Some Audi-related remarks and questions:

- -I have a spare brochure of the 1995 RS2 Avant (like the one I took on my
US trip), which I'd be willing to let go for what I paid for it: $10.
They're getting rare now- and it's a UK brochure so no problems with Dutch
text. Bought for someone who's no longer interested...

I'm quite interested, although I'm probably not the first to say so...

- -Has anyone recorded the (ESPN?) coverage of the recent Pikes Peak event?

Yea, I've got it, but its rather disappointing (its also NTSC, which won't be 
compatible with your VCR).  The only real highlights are the CFI Kenworth 
driven by Glen Brown doing a SERIOUS power slide through Glenn Cove, and a 
very brief view of the Audi corral from the on board camera in Leonard 
Vasholdt's (sp?) Explorer.  If you look reeeeely close you can see 2 people in 
lawn chairs (James Marroit and wife, I think), and behind them is Todd 
Phenneger with his camera up to his face, and to his right is me.  You can't 
actually see me, but I remember standing there when Leonard drove by.  
Otherwise they spent most of their time dwelling on the trucks and 
rustangs/craperos with VERY brief bits on the AWD and unlimmited classes.  
They did cover Rod Millen extensively, and had a brief, 30 sec spot on 
Michelle Mouton.

- -I've joined the Dutch Audi Club, which caters mostly to older Audis ('60s
and '70s) but has a substantial number of '80s cars in its ranks. Benefits:
cheaper parts, repair secrets, trips to Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm. In Dutch
terms, membership of 250 makes this a fairly large club. Nice people, nice
If there are any interesting items to be found, I'll let y'all know. So
far, they're selling 'Rad der Zeit', the Audi company history book, quite
cheaply ($7), and they should even have some copies in English left. They
also report that Audi's working on a new-and-improved version, so it might
be interesting to wait for a while. I'll also report on any interesting
club events that come up.

How 'bout that really cool A3 CD rom we all drooled over.  I also wanted to 
ask you about a set of Euro lights for my Jetta, but that's best done off the 


Adam Dieckerhoff