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RE: Rear brake caliper siezing or dragging?

Thanks Igor,
My mechanic checked the e-brake cables first.  He said that when released the 
cables returned all the way to their beds...hence they cannot be having any 
RE MC's so the 25 mm bore MC is the way to go for my car when I replace it. It 
should fit, Ill have to check if the fittings are the same... or if Ill need 
to fab some adaptors/ holding clip.
The brakes had started to drag (but not enough to notice or smell or anything 
when I was away on vacation since I was  metal to metal by the time I got home 
from New Hampshire and Maine (hauling the trailer).

IGOR kESSEL WROTE:----------

Check the jacket on that side's emergency cable. Audis like to wear them =
after which they rust inside and one day fail to release the pads. That's=
what I had several years ago.

I have an underground garage in my house. The driveway is fairly steep
and that requires the cars to be parked with both Reverse engaged and
the e-brake pulled up to the last click (my Q was caught twice with it's
nose up against the garage door, to which it had creeped in Reverse when
the e-brake was not completely up).

In the winter, before a snowstorm I always leave the Q outside and the
Fox in the garage (obvious reasons).
One subzero morning 2 years ago I took my 3 buddies for a ride (the
purpose - to brag about what a chipped 200 turbo quattro can do in
snow). At the time one of them owned a VR6 Passat, another one - a
K-bodied Primus (absolutly the worst  car that I've ever driven) and the
third one - nothing yet. (BTW, the first one now owns an A4Q, the second
one - a chipped GolfIII and the third an AWD Colt (Mitsu) and a chipped
GolfIII. Speaking of power of propaganda! Didn't I deserve a price break =
on my new
A4TQ, AoA?).

So, we've been merrily traveling at about 3 times the speed of traffic,
when one of my friends asked me to yeild the place behind the wheel. We p=
over and got out of the car. At this point we've noticed white smoke,
coming from the LT RR wheel and boy, did it stink! The brakes were
It turned out that when I released the lever while leaving the driveway,
the e-brake did not disengage. The jacket on the cable was worn through
and the water, which penetrated it, froze solid. The funniest thing was,
the car was so powerfull that I did not notice a dragging wheel even
with three passengers!