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I'm back

Hi List!

I'm already back from my holidays. My 5K survived the trip with zero
problems, including couple of miles at 120+ mph (can I go as fast as
this red Calibra? I can go as fast as this red Calibra! ) I'm not
counting battery going flat, since it was my fault ( I left the power
cable for radar detector in the cigarette lighter socket and apparenty
it created kind of a short - couldn't find another explanation ). BTW,
my new Uniden 2150SW saved my butt once and generally worked much better
than my previous Whistler ( _much_ less false alarms ) The band
indicator is very useful, since guys in blue have only X-band guns here
in Poland.

I'll have to wrench on two cars soon. My mother is picking an 88 Renault
Medallion wagon in couple of days.

					happy motoring