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Re: My new '97 A4 TQ is here!

Good one Igor!

No apologies for "childish drivel" required - we could do with a lot more of
that on the list of late. Unbridled enthusiasm and excitement is infectious and
many listers can relate to your anticipation.

A couple of suggestions: I recommend that if you are going to the trouble of 
fitting 225/50 tires on 16 rims that you lower the car as well. It looks
much better and if done properly will enhance the handling a lot. Don't make
it too hard though. The sport's suspension from the 2.8 30V sport-pak might 
suit and  you may get discount if traded from a new car.

Secondly - check out Falken tyres. I've just fitted 225/50 16 ZE502 Falkens
and am *very* impressed. Just had a track session and: great grip, quiet 
riding, progressive and predictable on the limit (and beyond!). I had
previously felt the car to be under-tired on the original Conti SportContact
205/55s but not any more!
They were recently very well reviewed in (I think) C&D. Wear rate with 
Falken is very good too.

> ------------------------------

> This morning I received a call from Don Rosen Porsche-Audi,

<snip rave on new car>

> Another 20 days of waiting....
> Thanks for listening to this non-technical, non-useful childish drivel of mine.

Greg Spark
sparkg@SPAMOUTwave.co.nz  (remove SPAMOUT from email address to reply)
Hamilton, New Zealand
'96 A4 1.8Tq