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RE: Aaargh! Another Audi bites the dust...

Sheesh, sorry to hear of it. In the USA, leaving the scene of an
accident is A Nasty. Did you get the reg of the Teddy Bear, er Panda? 
-Ian Duff.
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	Subject:	Aaargh! Another Audi bites the dust...

	Hi all,

	Some way to start your birthday: avoiding an errant Fiat Panda
on the A28
	this AM, I ran into a Toyota Corolla wagon and drastically
modified the
	frontal appearance of my car... No personal injuries, the woman
in the
	Toyota didn't even have a neckache, and my very sturdy Audi has
	the whole blow. She had a tow hitch on her car, which limited
her damage to
	a slightly dented tailgate and a cracked bumper.
	Damage to my car: hood (bonnet), front bumper, radiator, front
	plate, headlights, one turn signal, grill (Chris S, that nice
Audi 90 grill
	has had a _very_ short life...). As far as I can see, the front
	(wings) are still straight.
	Of course, no witnesses, the Panda has disappeared into the blue
yonder, my
	nicely high NCB's gonna suffer badly and I'll have to pay for my
damage out
	of my own pocket. (no fully comp insurance on a 9-year-old car,
of course).
	I've priced the parts with my usual panel supplier, and the
damage comes to
	$1000 w/out paint. Ouch! No scrapyard had any front panels for
my car
	available- 'no sir, they all have crumpled noses'.

	I'll ride my bike to work this week, I guess... at least that's
good for my
	health. Bet I'll get a puncture. :-(


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