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Re: Help...hard brakes

Hairy green toads from Mars made John Holt say:

> Initially, when I depress the brake pedal of my 90Q, the pedal remains at
> the top of its stroke, it is very hard to depress and there is minimal
> braking action. Then the pedal falls to its normal point and braking
> begins, usually with a little ABS grunting thrown in. A couple of weeks
> ago, this would happen only on the first attempt to brake after starting
> the engine and then it would disappear for the remainder of the trip. Now
> it has progressed to the point of happening almost every time I brake. To
> put this in perspective, the elapsed time between the hard pedal and it
> falling to proper braking action is about the time that it would take to
> plow into the car in front of me at a stoplight ....i.e. too long.

ABS sensor busted/misaligned.

BTDT yesterday....


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