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A/C difficulties + Dealer = yecch!!! (long rant, sorry)

Well, I've taken my 93 90CS back to the dealer for the 45K mile service,
and to have the A/C fixed.  Well, that's not what I had intended, but it

-Car parked in hot sun for the day
-Get in car, A/C doesn't work
-Scream and curse as I open all windows, sunroof
-Drive to dealer, periodically hitting the A/C button with no results
-Park in the covered area in front of service center with car running to
get service manager
-Service manager comes out, presses A/C button
-A/C promptly turns on, steam from sweat on my clothes turns frosty in
the blast of frigid air
-SM takes one look at me, glowing red and dripping with sweat, and
assumes that I'm not a complete moron
-SM says "Well, if you want to leave it here, we can give you a loaner
while we fix it"
-Me: "You've been trying to fix this piece of crap for 3 years!  I want
you to either replace _every_ _single_ _piece_ of the A/C, or give me
another car just like this one (with a working A/C)."
-SM: "Well, if you would like to leave it here, we can give you a loaner
and have a look at it..."
-Me: "I don't want to leave the stupid thing here for 5 weeks while you
putz around with it!  And I don't want to drive some crappy Mazda!  [The
loaners at the dealer are 95-96 Mazda Protoge's]  If I wanted to drive a
-SM: "Well, let me see what I can do..." [hurries off]
I went to give nasty looks to the mechanic who appeared to be
frantically attempting to plug the VAG1551 into the brake fluid level
sensor, and the SM came back:
-SM: "Well, the best I can do is this '98 Mazda 626..." he names off the
options list, attempting (successfully) to demonstrate its likeness to
my car.  He ends with that kind of smile that you just want to hit with
a brick, and "of course the Air Conditioner works, too."  Bastard.
-Me: [grumble]"Well I guess it will have to do..."
-SM: "And while you're here, it looks like it's time for the 45000 mile
-Me: "I don't want you to do ANYTHING to the car until you've FIXED the
Air Conditioner."
-SM: "Oh, of course..." (flashes another brickable smile)
-Me: (getting in nice cool Mazda) "Fix it, now..."
-SM: "Oh, we will!" (flashes yet another brickable smile, I use all of
my willpower to keep from running him over).

So now I have this Mazda, which I may just be tempted to keep if they
can't figure out my car.  We'll see.

Sorry for the rant, I feel much better now.