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Re: Help...hard brakes

Hairy green toads from Mars made John Holt say:

> Initially, when I depress the brake pedal of my 90Q, the pedal remains at
> the top of its stroke, it is very hard to depress and there is minimal
> braking action. Then the pedal falls to its normal point and braking
> begins, usually with a little ABS grunting thrown in. A couple of weeks
> ago, this would happen only on the first attempt to brake after starting
> the engine and then it would disappear for the remainder of the trip. Now
> it has progressed to the point of happening almost every time I brake. To
> put this in perspective, the elapsed time between the hard pedal and it
> falling to proper braking action is about the time that it would take to
> plow into the car in front of me at a stoplight ....i.e. too long.

Hmmm... My Coupe GT has been doing something like that lately.  The
pedal every once in a while is much firmer than normal, then something
happens and it goes down slightly or gets ("soft") normal, and regular
braking resumes.  It's very interesting.  Not scary, as it is consistent
when it does it.  Haven't been able to attribute it with a particular
RPM range or driving condition as of yet.

Anyone have any ideas?  No ABS on mine...


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